Colors are the New Black

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice has a solo show at Backside Gallery in Marseille, France. The exhibition includes her trademark origami pieces, including photos of installations she’s created on the streets, as well as works made with completely different mediums like thread and colored water.


If Game of Thrones Houses Had Soccer Teams…

Fashion designer Nerea Palacios combined her love of football with HBO’s Game of Thrones to show us what the great houses would wear if they competed in the World Cup of Westeros. Can you imagine how the rivalries between houses would be if sports were added into the mix? The Night’s Watch vs. White Walkers game might get a bit intense.

You can find more of Nerea’s uniform designs on her Tumblr or Dribbble.


Ted Baker / NoteBook
by Troy Hyde


Biwei Pan    |

"It’s a simple system created to help people make a sofa or a dormette from their own latex mattress. Photoed by Biwei Pan. Modeled by Hugo Dabin."

Graduated from China academy of art, Biwei has been studying and living in France for 3 years. Biwei is interested in reading and swimming and his motto is “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water”.

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Well, that was fast. It is already on Amazon -


Well, that was fast. It is already on Amazon -

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