One with the birds. Modulor Bamboo Hotel. Penda. Changbaishan forest. China. images (c) Penda

Penda : “This flexible bamboo structure integrates sleeping pods into the Changbaishan forest and is able to be reused afterwards.It could grow as tall as trees” source


Bedroom Monsters Series

With his series entitled "Terror", the photographer Laura Fauvel offers a superb illustration of kids nightmares materialized. Recalling the famous monster hiding under the bed, these pictures show talent and imagination with this legend and staging brave children face their fears.

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7 Finger Robot

"The device, worn around one’s wrist, works essentially like two extra fingers adjacent to the pinky and thumb. The robot, which the researchers have dubbed "supernumerary robotic fingers," or "SR fingers," consists of actuators linked together to exert forces as strong as those of human fingers during a grasping motion."

Robot tech, YES.



Twelve24 designed ClockONE, an elegant digital clock that uses electronic ink to tell time. The thin, wall-mounted timepiece will be released in September in a variety of colors.


…might as well finish it



…might as well finish it



Scott Outdoor Amphitheatre, Swarthmore College, PA. Designed by Thomas Sears and completed in 1942. 

2ft high retaining walls are made from layers of local schist slabs and the randomly spaced trees are Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree) and Quercus alba (White Oak).

I love the idea of a ‘turf proscenium floor’ and it looks like a great place to learn. I can imagine this kind of space would conform to the theories of design laid out in ‘A Pattern Language’ by Christopher Alexander…


Bottle Light

Rechargeable light that turns bottles into lamps

by Suck UK 

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